Become the other you.

The you that pursues passions. The you that lives your dream life. The time is now. This is your Qu.

What if you had
30 hours in your day?

You'd finally have time to...

Plan that trip.

Finish that book.

Lay outside in the sun.

Start that project.

Taste the Orange.

Get your shot exactly right. Manually adjust brightness, exposure, gimbal position and more in the Link Controller desktop software.

With support from Qu,

your dream life

is within reach.

Understand your balance and how mindfully you are using your phone.

Design modes to inspire healthy shifts throughout your day.

Let Qu learn from you and your schedule to create the perfect environment for your day to day activities.

Put down your phone and finish your small tasks with intermittent breaks.

Be inspired by other's schedules and try out a new routine.

Don't worry about setup.

Qu adapts to you.

Work Mode

Eliminate distractions so work doesn't take up all your time.

Morning Mode

Wake up when your body is ready and prepare for your day.

Made by Qu, For You

Modes made by Qu to enhance your daily schedule.

Order yours today.

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find your balance.

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